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Fire Safety

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Fire Safety

For Non-Emergency Assistance - Dial 908-526-2500
This will connect you to the Somerset County Emergency Dispatcher. Explain to them what town you are calling from, your address and the nature of your call. They will be glad to direct the appropriate authority to answer your call and field your concern or question.

What To Do In Case Of Fire

  • Don't panic; stay calm

  • Leave the building as quickly as possible

  • Touch doors to feel if they are hot before opening them

  • Use an alternate exit if necessary

  • Crawl along the floor and Do Not stop to collect anything

  • Meet at your prearranged spot outside the building

  • Dial 9-1-1 from Outside the building

  • Do Not Go Back Inside A Burning Building

  • Wait for the fire department to arrive.

Fire Safety & Prevention Tips

Smoke Detectors

  • Expose everyone to the sound of a smoke alarm and explain what the sound means

  • Change you batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector

  • Most detectors emit a single ‘beep' every one to five minutes, indicating need for replacement

  • You should replace your Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector if it is 10+ years old

  • If you have an automatic alarm system, have it checked by a certified technician

  • Check your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, or automatic alarm on a monthly basis

  • For owners of automatic alarms, remember to call your alarm company before you test

Practice Fire Safety

  • Plan an escape route out of your home in an emergency

  • Make sure there are at least two exits from each room and an escape route to the outside

  • Identify a safe zone away from your home where everyone in your family will meet

  • Never re-enter a burning building, or try to salvage personal belongings on your way out

  • Teach all household members to touch the door and use an alternate exit if the door is hot

  • Teach household members to crawl along the floor and stay low below dangerous smoke

Practice Fire Prevention & Life Safety

  • Update/upgrade your smoke or carbon monoxide detector if it is over 10 years old

  • Never overload your electrical sockets; wall plugs are designed for ONLY two plugs

  • Make sure extension cords are not frayed or chewed

  • Store paints and flammable products on a well ventilated area.

  • Never store flammable products near your electrical appliances or in a poorly ventilated area

  • When using your barbeque grill, always light it with the top open

  • Always grill at least five or more feet away from your home

  • Have your furnace or water heater checked regularly; carbon monoxide emmisions are odorless

  • Clean lint filter on your household laundry dryer; choked lint filters are a major cause of fires

  • Dispose of hazardous and flammable material properly

  • Never dump them down the drain, storm sewer, or burn them out in the open
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